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A creative animation studio, taking pride in creating stories via motion design and illustrations for global clients, from the USA, UK, Canada, and India. 2D animation, explainer animation, motion graphics, and illustration have been our playground.
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e-Motion Talk – Podcast by Webwooz Media. Inside-out stories from the creative industry. We are excited that it’s happening.

As we all know, humans are emotionally biased. And, emotions can be expressed through stories. Moreover, it keeps changing frequently… always in motion.

So… stories are the way we connect, communicate, and evolve.

The e-Motion Talk discusses the changes and development in the creative industry. To dig deeper into the creative universe, it discusses the range of issues or opportunities… from business to humans in business, storytelling, visual marketing & all the things around motion design videos & multimedia content.


The e-Motion Talk is all about…


Each episode of the e-Motion Talk Podcast will unfold the creative process, an in-depth conversation on how creatively a business can communicate, monetizing your art/skills, brand communication through video storytelling, and many more. It talks about the role of emotions & stories in the business, as well as how to blend creativity & humor for a larger impact.

Also, you may get a chance to listen to renowned leaders from the creative industry. We learn better from people’s stories 🙂

This podcast is aiming towards CEO, CMO, art directors, artists, Sales Head, or Marketing Managers who are keen to experience how they can grow their business, and bringing their stories in front of the right audience.

Where to listen to the e-Motion Talk podcast?


Available on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Anchor, Soundcloud, Spotify, and all of the major podcasting platforms… and also on YouTube.

You can Subscribe and tune in through given links. Also, leave a review with your listening experience, tell us if you think we can make some improvements, and if you love it then share it on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.  

Altogether, enjoy the stressless and 100% organic podcast. Stay Tuned!



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